• Have Felix Festus (the lanista) welcome your guests to the party. If Felix would rather focus on hosting duties, consider having Anthony Aurelius or Iovita Investigatus (and/or other soldiers) to greet guests as they enter.

• If you are throwing a party outside, have an area roped off to make your “arena”. Cover the roped off area with sand.



Included in your Terror in a Toga packet will be directions on how to make these fun and authentic Roman columns. You can place them by doorways, with other pedestals and urns or to make a backdrop for pictures!

Roman Column


• Visit your local hardware store and purchase some faux-marble contact paper, a small sand bag and enough wood tag board to construct your columns (check the discount bin).

• Cut the tagboard into 4 equal,rectangular pieces and nail or screw the pieces together to create a square column.

• Cover column with contact paper.

• Cut out 4 squares of tag board- 2 squares that are larger than the base of your column and two squares that are larger than that base.

• Cover all of the squares with contact paper.

• Screw your bases and tops together. Place sandbag within the column (to keep it sturdy), then screw square column to base and screw top base to top of column.

You can purchase inexpensive linoleum squares from the local hardware store (we found ours for 99¢/square) and tile a piece of inexpensive wood (check the discount bins).

• Your party is not complete without classical terra cotta urns and statue busts and most of all, balustrades and pedestals.
-- We found many inexpensive urns in the garden section of our local home-improvement store. Additionally, we found Roman pedestals at Michael's Craft Store (national chain)

• To make a roman bust, try taking a styrofoam wig mannequin head and cover it with white clay.


If you are up for the task, try building a chariot for Speedius Ryder to arrive in.

Directions here for a chariot!

Or, here is a simpler directions for building your chariot!


Included with the mystery packet will be directions to make your own stone or marble-like signs and designs to print out for signs around the party space! (pictured below)

One of the defining characteristics of Roman or Greek culture is vine garlands and grapevine. So while you have your decorations for a toga party, do not forget ivy wine garlands and have mock grape vines!

Hanging floral pieces, like ivy and ferns accompanied with clear Christmas lights on the backdrop of a column will be absolutely lovely.

Create your own laurel wreath crowns using faux greenery and spraying them with gold paint. You can display these on the buffet table or individual tables as a centerpiece.

Use props, such as, classical busts, toy swords and shields.  You can display classical busts on pedestals and hang a toy sword and shield on a backdrop. To make a roman bust, try taking a styrofoam wig mannequin head and cover it with white modeling clay.

Create a large banner that features a Roman theme, such as, S.P.Q.R.  S.P.Q.R. is a Latin noun phrase that stands for, “Senatus Populusque Romanus” meaning “The Senate and the Roman People.”


Make some gold colored Roman eagles. (How? Find an novelty eagle and use spray paint.)

Take several plastic goblets and spray them with gold and glue multi-colored plastic jewels on them for that royal effect and then display them on the buffet table or bar.

Two popular color schemes for a Roman party are white and gold or white and purple.

To pull the color scheme through to your whole space consider the following:

  • When decorating a large area or to make an area look more intimate and festive, consider draping white or gold gossamer across the ceiling, walls, and edges of the tablecloth. Combine two colors for a fabulous appearance. 

  • A little spray paint can go a long, long way. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. to help bring out the color theme and add inexpensive decoration to your party.

  • Have a tablecloth—whether plastic or fabric – the colors of your choice.

  • Accentuate your tablecloth with the alternative color by using paint pens or fabric paint to paint on decorative Roman accents.

Needless to say, the Romans didn’t have electricity. When considering the lighting for your party, you will not want anything too harsh or bright. Consider the following and what might work best within your space:

  • Christmas lights - drape around trees or inside of fabric
  • Candles - place in jars or on their own
  • Solar lights
  • Torches
  • Lanterns
  • Oil burning lamps




  • If you are serving dinner, have a table set close to the ground with big pillows to sit on.

  • As mentioned above, pick a table cloth that accentuates your color scheme.

  • Accessorize it with complementing colors in your napkins, paper/plastic plates, and cutlery. 

  • Decorate your plastic cutlery by using a gold or purple paint pen and draw Roman numerals or a Grecian block pattern on the handles of the cutlery. 

  • Tie a gold or purple ribbon around the cutlery.

  • For the chairs, you may want to consider adding a gold or purple bow in the back of each chair to help it blend in with the colors of the table as well as the overall color scheme.

  • Drape gold ivy garland along the edges of each table. Don’t have gold ivy? Use your spray paint to create it.
Toga Party Table


  • A floral arrangement makes a lovely centerpiece for your table. 

  • You can place the floral arrangement inside a clear glass vase and display it inside a laurel crown wreath for that Roman touch. 

  • Create your own laurel wreath crowns using faux greenery and spraying them with gold paint. You can display these on the buffet table or individual tables as a centerpiece.

  • Also, consider displaying an assortment of faux fruit on the buffet table in a lovely gold fruit bowl consisting of a bunch of red and green grapes, apples, bananas, and pears. 

  • Spray paint the bowl gold or purple to bring through the color scheme.


Give your guests an unforgettable souvenir by setting up a backdrop where everyone can take a picture to help remember the night!

  • Convert a chair into a Roman throne by draping a piece of gold fabric over it, along with a piece of purple velvet for that regal feel. 

  • Make a marble background by piecing together pieces of linoleum and hanging them on the wall behind where you are photographing.

  • Place a few Roman columns by the backdrop (see below)

  • See more tips on creating the perfect backdrop here!

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